Below are examples of the work that was created for Kevita (Pepsico) earlier this year, 2021. We were tasked with creating an inclusive campaign to stand out in the cluttered market place of health drinks. Together with Estudio Pum, we developed a new look and feel with a bold illustration style. The gut characters speak to a breadth of different types of consumers and different types of guts. We created a large suite of assets, both motion and static, across the various brand categories. Ranging from Master Brand, to product specific categories such as Sparkling Probiotic, Master Brew Kombucha, Shots and Apple Cider Vinegar. Each category had multiple deliverables (200+ in total) across several platforms and aspect ratios. The campaign lives across social and digital (inc brand website), as well as retail and pos. As seen below, an extensive toolkit was also developed as part of the campaign for retail partners. 
Estudio Pum - Illustration
Kitchen - Creative Studio (Film Direction and Animation)
Jelly - Production Company and Artist Representation 
My Role - Integrated Producer
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